Below are references to other resources concerning the LDS Church and the Holy Land, Judaism, and Islam:
LDS Publications on the Holy Land
Peterson, Daniel. Abraham Divided: An LDS Perspective on the Middle East, rev. expanded ed. (Salt Lake City: Aspen Books, 1995)
Berrett, LaMar C. Discovering the World of the Bible
Ogden, D. Kelly. Where Jesus Walked (Deseret Book, 1981)
Ogden, D. Kelly, David B. Galbraith, & Andrew C. Skinner. Jerusalem: The Eternal City (____)
LDS Church (including members) in the Holy Land
Hyde, Orson. A Voice From Jerusalem, Or A Sketch of the Travels and Ministry of Elder Orson Hyde, Missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, to Germany, Constantinople, and  
Jerusalem, Containing a Description of Mount Zion, the Pool of Siloam, and Other Ancient Places, . . .
Smith, George A., Lorenzo Snow, Paul A. Schettler, & Eliza R. Snow. Correspondence of Palestine Tourists; Comprising a Series of Letters (Deseret News Steam Printing, 1875)
Baldridge, Steven W. Grafting In: A History of the Latter-day Saints in the Holy Land (Jerusalem Branch, 1989)
Ogden, D. Kelly. Pioneering the East
Berrett, LaMar C. & Blair G. Van Dyke. Holy Lands: A History of the Church in the Near East (Covenant, 200_)
LDS-Jewish Relations
Epperson, Steven. Mormons and Jews: Early Mormon Theologies of Israel (Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 1992)
Richards, LeGrand. Israel! Do You Know?
Barron, Howard H. Judah, Past and Future: LDS Teachings Concerning God's Covenant____ (Horizon)
Rothman, Norman. So How Come a Nice Jewish Boy Became a Mormon? (Parca Publishing, 1986)
Jewish-LDS Holiday Observance Resources
Boyd, Gale T. Days of Awe: Jewish Holy Days, Symbols and Prophecies for Latter-day Saints (Millennial Press, 2002)
Monson-Burton, Marianne. Celebrating Passover: A Guide to Understanding the Jewish Feast for Latter-day Saints (Cedar Fort, 2004)
Islam-LDS Resources
Mormons and Muslims
Wallace, Arthur. LDS Roots in Egypt (LL Company, 1981)
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